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ZGL China first carbon fiber violin developed

ZGL China first carbon fiber violin developed

June 14,2013

Last month in ZGL Group business center, a violin solo "Xinjiang spring" won the applause.

In the hands of the protagonist Song Yi, it is a special violin, a carbon fiber violin. The violin head, neck, and the box are all made of carbon fiber material. This is China first violin made of carbon fiber. It marks the birth of China carbon fiber industry chain has extended one step forward. "China's first carbon fiber violin show concert" was conducted by Lianyungang City Philharmonic Orchestra famous violinist Liu Sande.
ZGL Carbon Fiber Application Research Center violin project team leader Zhou Hengxiang introduced: "Previously, we have used the carbon fiber material in piano, guzheng, electric guitar and other instruments. At the end of last year, the company began to develop and design the carbon fiber violin." After a year of time, ZGL finally successfully launched a carbon fiber violin. It is believed carbon fiber material successful application in violin making will completely subvert the traditional musical instrument industry.
The China famous musician Bian Zushan, violinist Wu Yang, and violin educator Wang Zhenshan have made repeated comparisons and debugging on the carbon fiber violin with top international traditional violin. They have given a positive evaluation. Experimental results show that, the violin with the application of carbon fiber panel, music sound better than the same grade violin in the market. And it is lighter than the current violins with 25% volume reduction.
The traditional material for violin making is valuable wood. In order to prevent violin from damp, deformation, and cracking, the wood processing requirements are very high and the production process is very complicated. It requires careful maintenance to the violin for the users. Carbon fiber has high strength, high modulus characteristics. It is a high quality material for musical instruments. It can solve many problems that traditional violin making is facing. They have excellent characteristics such as no deformation, no damp, and no cracking.

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