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China carbon fiber materials will develop in a fast speed in the next ten years

China carbon fiber materials will develop in a fast speed in the next ten years

Deputy Secretary of China national new material Industrial development strategy advisory committee professor Li Kejian predicted that the next ten years is the ten years when China's carbon fiber material reaches a new development height.

When the hood of an ordinary steel automobile was hit hard by a hammer, the painted cover will normally be sunken. Last year, Chinese Academy of Science Ningbo Institute of Material Technology Engineering developed a carbon fiber car. When the cover hood was hit hard, the carbon fiber composites cover just rebounded rapidly with surface intact.

This car abandoned the traditional steel structure and adopted a large number of elastic fiber materials. It can reduce 60% weight than the ordinary steel vehicle. With the same oil consumption, the car can run 50 kilometers more every hour.
In the existing high performance fibers, carbon fiber has the highest specific strength and highest modulus with excellent mechanical performance and chemical stability. It is a non magnet material but has electromagnetic shielding function.
It also has other variety excellent performances such as low density, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, friction resistance, fatigue resistance, high vibration attenuation, high electrical and thermal conductivity, and low thermal expansion coefficient, high X light transmittance.
Carbon fibers can be processed into fabric, mat, sheet, belt, paper and other materials. Much can be used as reinforcing material added into resin, metal, ceramic, concrete and other materials to form the composite materials.
Carbon fiber reinforced composites used as aircraft structural materials, electromagnetic shielding materials, artificial ligament as substitute materials in the human body. Carbon fiber has been widely used for rocket shell, motor boats, industrial robot, automobile plate spring and drive shaft, as well as high speed train skirts.
At the beginning of 2000, Ministry of Science and Technology has set up a soft project "development of PAN-based carbon fiber countermeasure research" in the famous national "863" plan new materials field. And Chinese well known materials scientist, Shi Changxu was appointed as the soft group leader.
In January, 2003, China National Natural Science Fund Committee approved two key projects in the carbon fiber segment funded by the "macro-control funding". In 2005, the carbon fiber project was approved as a national key basic research project that gained valuable basic research funds.
When carbon fiber technology made progress and the industrialization has started, Shi Changxu immediately put the carbon fiber application on the agenda. He strived for special funds to support the research on the related applications and important achievements have been made.
Li Kejian said, China's carbon fiber industry has achieved initial success. At present, China has achieved carbon fiber production line equivalent to the T300 of Japan. Some enterprises have formed above T700 hundred tons production lines. China has found the breakthrough point in carbon fiber, the development will be very fast in the next ten years to come.

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