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Carbon Fiber iPhone 4/4S Case
  • Carbon Fiber iPhone 4/4S Case

Carbon fiber iPhone 4/4S case, 100% pure carbon fiber, provides excellent protection for your iPhone 4/4S.


Carbon fiber iPhone 4/4S case, Carbon fiber iPhone 4/4S cover


100% full carbon fiber shield case for iPhone 4/4S

Made in China

Brand: DJT Carbon

Process: Compression Molding

Material: high quality 3K twill carbon fiber or plain carbon fiber, glossy finish



1.UV resistant feature prevents discoloration under sunlight

2. All buttons and ports remains fully accessible.

3. Quick installation and removal.

4. Fashionable carbon look.

5. Light weight

6. Available in two styles: glossy finish or matte finish.


Carbon Fiber is virtually weightless yet can increase the beauty of an item by so much, like the iPhone 4S, iPad 2 device. DJT Carbon, build your carbon dream.



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