Carbon Fiber Tubes

Carbon Fiber Telescopic Tubes
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  • Carbon Fiber Telescopic Tubes

3K,twill weave telescopic tubes.


Carbon Fiber Telescopic Tubes


Raw Materials: Carbon fiber prepreg

Standard Tube Structure:  The first layer is 3K carbon fiber prepreg, other layers are unidirectional carbon fiber prepreg.

Composites Technique: Roll Wrapping

For more information of this technique, please take a look at this video


DJT Carbon fiber tubing came come in various shapes including round, oval, square, rectangular, hexagonal, octagonal. Besides our standard tube structure, we could also use fiberglass, Kevlar, basalt fiber or other composite prepreg materials according to specific requirements and budget of your project.

DJT Carbon fiber telescopic tubes not only possess common extension and retraction function of telescopic tubes made of other common materials(such as, metal ,plastic), but also are ideal for applications which demand for high strength, extremely light weight and good look.

Common uses of carbon fiber telescopic tubes are fishing poles, flag poles, microphone boom poles, camera booms, tripods for photography and engineering, extending window washing poles, trekking poles, underground detector tube, spear gun tube and so on, DJT Carbon has rich experience in all of these carbon fiber products mentioned above.

Besides roll wrap technique, DJT Carbon has compression molding and autoclave technique, please feel free to send us quotes for your parts to be built in carbon fiber.


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