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High Performance Carbon Fiber Telescope Tube
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  • High Performance Carbon Fiber Telescope Tube

High performance carbon fiber telescope tube, custom carbon fiber tubes for various applications.

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High Performance Carbon Fiber Telescope Tube

Materials: Full 3K carbon fiber,  carbon fiber mixed fiberglass, fiberglass or according to your request, matte finish, glossy finish, woven finish for your choice.

Our carbon fiber tubes are light, wear resistant, corrosion resistant, heat resistant, with high elasticity, electrical conductivity, excellent x-ray penetration, and many other performance. DJT Carbon fiber tubes has been widely used in RC aircraft, automobile and motorcycle, sport and entertainment goods, medical equipments, living supplies.

For example, carbon fiber frame for RC planne wings, carbon fiber muffler, carbon fiber ski pole, carbon fiber alpenstock, carbon fiber ETC car stoppers, carbon fiber high building cleaning euquipents.

We have thousands of mandrel in the factory with abundant sizes to order from us directly, please let us know the internal diameter, outer diameter and wall thickness, and your request on load and mechnical properties or bending.

Please email to for further information about DJT Carbon fiber tubes.

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