Carbon Fiber Tubes

Pultruded Carbon Fiber and Fiber Glass Tubes
  • Pultruded Carbon Fiber and Fiber Glass Tubes

The Low Cost Composite Manufacturing Process Pultrusion is a method of manufacturing continuous fiber reinforced composites profiles. The manufacturing process is similar to extrusion, where molten plastic or metal is pushed through a die. However, with pultrusion, the material is "pulled" through a die. (Hence the name, pul-trusion).

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Pultruded Carbon Fiber and Fiber Glass Tubes

These Carbon fiber tubes are manufactured in a pultrusion process. Pultruded shapes have very straight fibers cured at high temperature resulting in high fiber to resin ratios and very stiff parts. DJT carbon tubes contain no fillers - ONLY continuous fibers. Most diameters are available up to 6M long. Dimensional tolerances are +/- 0.05mm and weight tolerances +/- 2-5%.

Compared to other materials and processes, DJT carbon fiber tubes are twice as stiff as aluminum of the same dimensions. DJT carbon tubes are 350% stronger in tension and 550% stronger in compression than the traditional wet lay-up with carbon fiber tow and room temperature resin systems.


This is the low cost composite manufacturing process, we mainly use two different process in making composite tubes: Pultrusion Process and Filament Winding.

In the following cases, it would be suitable for you to choose Pultruded Tube

  • Very Small to Medium Diameters
  • Unidirectional Fibre Alignment
  • Excellent Longitudinal Strength
  • Poor Crush Strength
  • Poor Twist Strength
  • Generally Cheaper
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