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Roll Wrapped Carbon Fiber Tubes Tubing
  • Roll Wrapped Carbon Fiber Tubes Tubing

Custom roll wrapped carbon fiber tubes for your project.

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Roll wrapped carbon fiber tubes

Carbon fiber has many advantages. Carbon fiber is very light, 70% lighter than steel, 40% lighter than Aluminum, 35% lighter than magnesium alloy, 50% lighter than SMC; carbon fiber is very strong, it has excellent strength-to-weight ratio (twice the specific strength and stiffness of steel); carbon fiber can be formed to many shapes, design flexibility.

So carbon fibre tube can be used to replace or substitute aluminium or steel tubes in a wide range of projects. Their superior mechanical properties mean that tubes of the same weight as an aluminium or steel tube can be much stronger, or that tubes of the same strength can be much lighter.

The phrase ‘roll wrapped’ refers to the process used to manufacture these tubes. The pre-preg carbon fibre is first laid up around a mandrel in multiple layers. Once the reinforcement is in place it is spiral wrapped with heat-shrink tape (this is what gives roll-wrapped tubes their characteristic ribbed appearance) before the whole assembly is oven cured.

Roll wrapped carbon fibre tubes offer superior strength in general use to ‘pulltruded’ tubes (which have all their fibres running in exactly the same direction). This is because forces on a tube are rarely exclusively in straight compression or tension, whereby the unidirectional fibres of a pulltruded tube are not ideal.

If you have any needs, please let us know the use, inner diameter, outer diameter, wall thickness and your exact request, we will quote for you very soon. Please feel free to email to for any questions.

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