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Carbon Fiber Alpenstock 3 Section Cane
  • Carbon Fiber Alpenstock 3 Section Cane

Unique carbon fiber alpenstock, high strength and light in weight, you deserve it.

Overview Application

Carbon Fiber Alpenstock 3 Section Cane 

Carbon Fiber Hiking Sticks

This carbon fiber alpenstock has 3 pure carbon fiber tubes, EVA grip with strap and other accessories.

The length of the carbon fiber alpenstock is 60cm, and can be stretched to 120cm, very light in weight, you feel that nothing being grabbed in your hand, but it has great strength performance, it is an ideal tool for climbers to climber higher, it also can be used as walking stick for old man, so it would be a good choice to be given as a gift to them.

Enjoy life, enjoy DJT Carbon fiber sporting euquipment!

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