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China can produce T-800 carbon fiber material

Recently, Jiangsu Hangke Composite Materials Technology Co., Ltd., has built China’s first production line of T800 carbon fiber industrialization, and made ​​a series of independent intellectual property rights innovation, breaking the monopoly of foreign manufacturers.

According to reports, the carbon fiber composite material is a strategic material, and plays an irreplaceable role in the field of aerospace and other Western countries on China’s implementation of the ban embargo. “Jiangsu Hangke” invests 250 million yuan to construct production line with capacity of 25 tons of T800 carbon fiber.

Currently, the “Jiangsu Hangke” company is to carry out 100-ton level T-800 production line development and construction work. In next ten years, the company will become ​​a major domestic supplier of high-end carbon fiber and composite materials products.


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