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DJT Carbon is buzzworthy at the Guangzhou Composites Show

Guangzhou Composites & Products Exhibition 2019, the largest composites industry trade event in southern China, was held on April 9 to 11 at Nanfeng International Convention in Guangzhou, China.  There are 93 exhibitors at the 2019 event,  representing every link in the composites industry’s supply chain, including raw materials, machinery and tooling suppliers, as well as fabricators and important end market OEMs.

We DJT Carbon were at the exhibition at stand A14, we mainly show our carbon fiber tubes and carbon fiber plates, also some parts made by bladder molding technique, the domestic market has a greater and greater demand for these kind of carbon parts, especially for photographic equipments, sports equipments, UAVs, robots, medical equipments.

The Guangzhou Composites Show is very effective, visitors are professional with great interest in our carbon fiber products, three customers placed sample order from us then and there, many visitors expressed the willing of visiting DJT Carbon factory after the show. According to the feedback from the organizing committee, there are 5169 visitors in total.

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